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a place to call home
The situationThe PROBLEM

Are you living in an unsafe house? Have your parents told you to leave? Have you outworn your welcome at your friend’s places? Maybe you are on your own with no one to call or a young parent and no place to live?

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

Project Youth can help you with safe, affordable places to stay if you’re aged between 14 and 24 years. We’re here to help. If it’s an urgent problem you’re having, we can even help you with crisis accommodation.

We not only want to stop you from becoming homeless, but to provide you with any ongoing support that you need.

A Place to Call Home

Better Learning & Job Opportunities

new better learning and jobs
The situationThe PROBLEM

Not sure what to do to get that job/ career you want? Want to finish your education but hate school and you don’t know where to start? We do.

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

If you’re keen to get working, help could be as simple as putting the right resume together, or a job application. We can also help you find the right training for the job you’re after.

For those interested in the hospitality industry, we can get you started with a job in our awesome cafe - Cafe Y. We’ll get you trained up and working in no time! You can rely on us to help you make the career decisions and give you the awesome opportunities you deserve.

We can also help you find alternate ways to finish your education.

Get the Right Legal Support

new get the right legal support
The situationThe PROBLEM

Are you having troubles with the Police? Do you have a court appearance that is coming up? Maybe you’ve been caught up in something you shouldn’t have been, and you’re just not ready to face the law and consequences on your own.

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

If you’re in some trouble with the law, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Thankfully, Project Youth may be the way to make these issues easier to deal with. If it’s general support or getting you the right legal advice, we can help you with your day in court or in the time leading up to it.

Be Healthy and Feel Good

new be healthy and feel good
The situationThe PROBLEM

Is there a health problem you feel you can’t talk to anyone about? You could be worried about what your friends, family or others will say. It doesn’t have to be a physical problem, you could just be feeling down. Either way, we’re here to help.

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

We don’t judge, and we’re not doctors, but we have a stack of health info we can chat to you about, without anyone knowing. Maybe your health is being affected by a drugs, alcohol or sexual health issue. You can contact Project Youth to help guide you through any number of health problems.

Feel Like You Belong

new feel like you belong

The situationThe PROBLEM

Feeling isolated? Like you’re struggling to make friends, or connect with others around the same age? Trust us, this is a common problem we keep hearing. You could find that you have different interests, or you might want to bust out of your normal routine and experience something different.

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

Our Drop In centres could be the perfect option to kick start you into gear, get you motivated to meet new people and do new things. We offer all kinds of activities and outings, band nights, after school activities. We even have our own recording studio if you love your music! Come and see us today, who knows where it could lead you?

Support for Difficult Situations

new support for difficult situations

The situationThe PROBLEM

Do you find it hard to tell others about your problems, needs or finding out what services and events there are available to young people in your area? It could be a serious issue you’re having with accommodation, alcohol or drugs or some mental health issues, making it hard for you to get to us to help.

What we can doTHE SOLUTION

That’s ok, we’re flexible enough to know that not everyone has the ability or confidence to come and see us, so there are ways for us to come and see you. It doesn’t need to be about a major issue, just a friendly chat where ever you feel comfortable (we love coffee shops and we will even shout you) so you know that you have options.