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Project Youth is sponsored and supported by some great companies and organisations. Thanks to their support, it makes it easier for us to provide the best possible support to the young people WHO need it.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Project Youth also partners with companies and organisations through our Corporate Sponsorhip Program. These partnerships offer benefits such as links from our website, banners promoting their business at our premises, our Annual General Meeting and particular sponsored events.



We are always looking for enthusiastic people to volunteer. Join our team of volunteers, opportunities range from joining our Board of Management to assisting at Cafe Y through to becoming a mentor to a young person. We also welcome volunteers who may be able to tutor a young person or assist us in running events or developing business plans etc.

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We recognise that student placements are a critical element in a student's professional development. Let's face it, all Project Youth staff have done one or two of them themselves. We have a wide range of programs and services students can participate in to gain valuable experience. Please note though that we are unable to take High School work experience placements. 

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There are plenty of ways to help young people we work with who are or have found themselves in a difficult position. By making a donation either in cash* or goods/ clothes you no longer use, you will be making a real difference to their life. We are always looking at ways to pay for things such as tutoring, public transport fares, training costs or groceries as a few examples.

*Please note - tax deductions only apply to cash donations, not goods and clothing donations.


Project Youth would like to acknowledge our government funding bodies and also our private sector supporters

Government Supporters

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Non Government Supporters

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Think you can help?

If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsor or Supporter of any kind of Project Youth, send us some details using this simple form and we’ll be in touch.